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Related article: Date : Tue, April 11, 2006 15 38th 0200 16 From: Julian u003cjulian obedient. obedient gmail. com u003e Subject : Broken was hot, was wet, was sticky and cursed everyone seemed to be in town try simmering and tense as hell to contain a anger , the bladder is at the lowest additional friction. The study had air conditioning, and so were all nerves. Warren, of the the office was particularly malicious, and no more than the usual number of changes today. It was Friday and the whole series with Alan had to be done for five years, when I was about to receive in the next issue of Vanity Fair, and it was. The worst was Kurtin. He was a great photographer, and that he had been. that was very good. But it was an incredible Letcher, and it was after Alan, the boy spent the day without kicking your neighborhood transition to their liking. Maintaining a seven-figure income can learn to keep a smile on his face, even if. was a spread of Caribbean class and had to pose for everything bikini beach and diving team to rest in the evening and formal wear. da s were some solo recordings. There were a couple of romantic scenes with Angela. Alan could handle it. In one of them were in an embrace on the edge of kisses. In other - just posing in front of a backdrop of tropical look each other parrots - colorful cocktails. And there were a few settings together in a bar, a card table in an airport lounge n. Alan pulled his neck after the last session and dropped the sack of his hand once was his. Are we not the star? Warren ridiculed. I need a shower, said Alan. I'm sorry, honey. Emergency water. Apparently, a couple of Spanish Harlem Children were opening fire hydrants throughout the city, and the level of the s of water is dangerously low. There is a moratorium on water 3 hours. 'A what? Alan said. a moratorium on water. All the water in the tank, before four minutes seven. was 5. 30. You must be kidding. Uh- uh. It's true. Just turn on the radio. Water, water all, but n is not a drop to drink. * not going to work his way, Richard said quietly to the director. You have to try, Mel said he was angry, but sound is no more than reasonable. my ​​face is seen on the screen, not his name, said Richard. not going to do? I'll do the scene, but not in a fucked up as blocked. with extreme intelligence of a spontaneous artist, Richard was right. Mel apologized, admitted he was no match for Richard, if n who came to put a movie together. become * Alan was a surprising and welcome in the summer wet downpour. It might seem unnecessary to many steeped in the awning of a fashion store with some foreign men also. But it was good to walk an apology, and Alan eyes expansion of the facades of skyscrapers. Moratorium on water! N the afternoon sun was shining. The air was light. Alan took a deep breath. has been wet. Alan turned toward the voice. The man was stocky, sandy blond hair. It was so beautiful, that was hard to see, and hard to miss. His eyes were warm, inviting the drilling, determined, firm. Alan was captured. You can also have a cold in summer. I live there. join me. I'll give you some dry clothes. Alan began walking beside him. * Richard Alan reached into the elevator. Alan sighed and opened her lips a press their lips to be Richard, said: shaking with the intensity of its energy. palm of your hand pressed against his chest Alan, and put his chest, as if Alan were a woman and then tortured with thumb and index nipples under the fabric. Alan lost his balance. The elevator swooshes to an end. * out of wet clothes, Richard said, delivering a pattern Alan burgundy silk robe. If Sir Alan said, jokingly responded to the command of Richards, , but it sounded like fun, I was about Alannderstanding it. fast, no subtraction and Alan in the mantle, and tied his loose belt with tassels. under him by the shoulders, looked him straight in the eyes of Richard Alan. Alan was dazzled by the brilliance of his gaze and could only breath. that he was away and dissolves. Keep * * You, Richard said. First, take a shower, and then you take to dinner. Richard opened a closet. The whole world is against you, he said. * was. was candlelight in a restaurant with teak panels. There were elegant bartender at the hip- cling tight pants and the West. There steak salmon, it was champagne. Alan sat in front of Richard, Preteen Nonude dressed in a closet, a T out of her drawer, a cushion in your collection. Low-heeled boots that their calves were embraced by Richard, and the rings on his fingers n. His underwear was a belt of Richard had given him after the shower. The silver -Hahn- Ring, no one could see, but an exercise a constant pressurereached the base of his desire to jeweler Richard. Richard Alan looked up solemnly and whispered her glass for a toast. Alan to follow suit without breaking eye contact, raised his glass. You are mine, Alan. I you own. Richard raised his glass to his lips and drank. Alan did the same. leaving his glass, said Richard, smiling, offered no resistance. I I also do not offer, said Alan. And if he did not feel it would be position, the force that emanates from you I 'm sorry to oppose. Richard Alan covered his hand with hers. continued Alan. The candlelight, the teak paneling, tulips, damask tablecloth, pink flush plaster over wood panels, servers elegant, this exquisite cuisine and the wonderful champlagne... You see, I 'm drunk, but what I say is true, yet... We have these beautiful costumes - all that is , it not only feels good, but necessary because of you. You are in the center of everything. shines becauseyou. Everything was flat, ridiculous, absurd, without you. You are a slave and I am a teacher. If Alan said. I've always loved. Alan felt his knees weak. His lips parted slightly. His eyes were closed involuntary. My master. * Richard Alan approached him. The car rolled slowly by the park. The horses tlot tlot fatigue dream induced. Alan fainted when he yielded to the kisses of his master. can not fail to produce, but would be a mistake if he thought You have been nothing more than my slave. You're not my lover. Alan disappointment clouded his face. You have a romantic fantasy of being one of them, Richard said. but n is not the case. They want love. I offer discipline. * July August relented. Richard was very open. after for several weeks, Richard Alan began to tire. And the left side. Alan nodded. He had thrived as a slave and was afraid that its heyday had passed so quicklyand fade time had come to. * On his own, Alan was desperate. The joy of life disappeared. The glamor of his work left him indifferent. Despite its obscurity, or, perhaps because he was more than ever, as a model. Social who had also fallen, and I never had people, men and women who have to pick it up, tried to involve a bring him under her spell, and is offered to him. But in no could not find delight. He had no use for them, Preteen Nonude and he knew there was n the beginning of an idea of Preteen Nonude ​​how to use it. * Yes, he said, out of his sleep by the ringing of the phone, and suddenly I was awake, Without thinking, he pulled a athlete skin tight pair of jeans with a wide belt, a hug in the chest - a shirt, boots and a motorcycle jacket of leather. ran with helmet, through the park [If you write me, please put the name in the history of the subject slot. Thank you. ]
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